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Sadie May


Blending Rick Griffin-esque psychedelia with the Art Nouveau intricacy of Alphonse Mucha, 28-year-old Sadie May Adamy has positioned herself as one of the leading ladies of the next generations of poster art.


To date, she has made posters for touring acts and events in numerous genres, though she often ends up being the inspired hand behind some of your favorite posters for bluegrass, jam/psychedelic, metal, folk, and punk artists, and acts. Some notable artists ad organizations that she has established a working relationship with are Moe., Sam Grisman Project, The Caverns, Max Creek, The Hackensaw Boys, Dirty Blanket, Folkfaces, and Conscious Alliance. 


Starting young as a passionate artist living on the banks of Lake Ontario, at a very early age she proved to those around her where she was headed. By age 13, Sadie had won “Best in Medium” at the Fulton Arts Association awards. She was professionally doing posters by age 17. 

After 10 years in the industry, she still seeks out new influences, and attends workshops. Some of these have been held by Amanda Sage, as well as by David and Aloria Weaver.  Never satisfied with having just one medium, style, or falling into a rut, time and again Sadie May has proven to be willing to learn, grow, and shift as needed to perfect the art she is commissioned to make.

These days she often uses her trusty iPad Pro, an Apple pencil, and Procreate for her works. Despite the favored digital format, she still continues to produce and sell art pieces done with acrylics, charcoal, fabric, and mixed media. 

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